Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We love Miss Lacey!!!!

You thought this was going to be some end-of-the-year tribute to Addie's and Jayne's teachers right?!  WRONG!  This is a tribute to Addie's 'Up With Kids' Director, Miss Lacey.  She is a golden star!!!!!  First of all, she knew how to handle Jayne at the beginning of the year, until Jayne quit.  Secondly, Miss Lacey knew how to put the kids in their place and still be nice about it.  Third, she was so animated that Addie would go home and act like she was Miss Lacey.  Fourth, she is as cute as punch and taught these kids a TON about performing!!!!!!  And you should have seen the shoes she was wearing.  Can I say "HOT!!!!!!"  (Ok.  I couldn't resist the pic of her shoes.  And this pic doesn't do justice.  Just look behind Spencer.)

The play that they did was "Enchanted..starring YOU!' and it was so cute.  Addie was The BEST Eeyore ever!  (Am I biased?!)  We taught her how to kind of 'sulk' out her lines like Eeyore would have.  And she did it. She was a hit!
The funniest part was after the play, I had both Jayne and Addie crying.  Addie was crying because she loved Up With Kids so much and she was going to miss Miss Lacey.  Jayne was crying because she quit in December and didn't get a trophy (actually an Oscar) after.  It was a good lesson for Jayne to learn...stick it out and you will be rewarded.  And I told Addie that she will be coming back in the fall.  Just enjoy the break.  

This is Addie's friend Lauren.  She LOVED Enchanted maybe even more than Addie did. Let's just say that 'Up With Kids' was right up their ally!!!   

Thanks to the family for coming.  Sorry about the directions.  And just think....only a year until we can do it again!


Andrea said...

Addie looks darling! How fun for her and what a great time! We miss you!!!! We are coming up in late July and maybe could get together if you are around.

The Broadbents are here for the summer but have one more year in Nebraska. Can you believe that?

Maybe I could take some new family pics this summer since I don't even recognize Spencer! You guys are awesome.....I hope it works out to see you in July.

Love ya! Andrea

Josh, Dagmar, Sofia, Lilian and Jasper Jewkes said...

What a great experience, and what cute Eeyore she made! Good lesson for Jayne too. Angie thank you for being so sweet to comment on all my pathetic blog entries! I do follow your blog, but am not very good about commenting, sorry! I'll try to be better! Hope to see you in July!

PackMan said...

(This is Molly....I'm still signed in as David, sorry)

It was a fantastic night. Addie was the sweetest Eeyore. She sulked those lines perfectly (smiling her cutest smile the whole time).

I agree with you about the teacher. She was a hoot! She was (almost) more fun to watch during the performance than the kids. So animated and cute.

Poor Addie to cry at the end. It was sweet to see her love the whole thing so much that she was emotionally veclempt. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!!!

Congrats to Addie!!!
(and Jayne next year :)

Angie said...

Andrea- YES!!!! come visit us and bring your camera! We definitely want more pix! (for all of you guys, Andrea is the one that took the pix of us that are on my blog -front page)

Dagmar- you know me....I always have something to say.

Molly-Miss Lacey is totally a hoot to watch! I am glad you enjoyed matter who we were actually watching, huh!

Tiff and Jer said...

So much fun. Addie looks so cute. Maybe next year our kids will be in the same one that would be fun.

Kathryn said...

Addie & Spenc look old. I am a bit saddnened that they continue to grow without us there to watch! Kudo's to you for acknowledging their teacher - they don't get enough credit.

Maybe we can all hook up with you guys in July when Trav & Andrea are there? Love you