Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Small World!

I love it when you know someone who knows someone that knows someone that knows you.  Well this is the latest experience I have had.  My neighbor/good friend has a younger brother who is going to work on a farm in Wyoming for the summer.  So I asked, "Oh. Where in Wyoming?"  He replies, "with my aunt and uncle in Cody."  I start screaming and have a 14 year old boy looking at me like I am crazy.  So I go to Katie and say, "You have an aunt and uncle who live in Cody?!?!?!?!"  And now she thinks I have fallen off of my rocker as well, because her response is, "yesssss."  I then tell her that right when your aunt and uncle are at your house to pick up your brother, let me know.....I KNOW they know people that I know!!!!  So I meet her aunt and uncle and sure enough, they know people that I know.  Not just that but are neighbors to people that I know.  The best part is that the people that I know is my old college roommate from Ricks, who taught me all of my homemaking skills.  Who I spent the two Thanksgiving holidays with in Powell, while I was up at Ricks.  I am sure Katie's Aunt and Uncle think I am crazy because I couldn't stop talking about my friends from Powell and Cody. They listened to some crazy lady (me) telling stories that happened over 10 years ago in Arbor Cove's Apartment 1A up at Ricks. And how people from Cody single-handedly carried me through the Economics program at BYU.  

So as you can see, it truly is a small world after all.  I love that now, even after 10 years of being out of touch, of thinking of my wonderful roommate often, thinking of how her family is doing, you always have another chance to get connected again.  So thank you to Katie's aunt and uncle for Jamie Jacobsens' information.  Now I only have one more roommate that I need to find......anybody know Carly Jiles Lowry, from Provo?!  These two girls were my best friends in the truest sense.  They taught me so much. I am who I am because of my experiences with these two ladies up at Ricks.  We laughed together, we cooked together, we cleaned together, we white-gloved until 3 am together, and we cried together.  They were there for my wedding and I think of them constantly.  I can't wait to get in touch with Jamie and Carly.  I love them!  


Kathryn said...

Are your friends related to Ted & Florence Jacobsen, by chance?

mbishopp said...

wo-hoo! arbor cove.
don't you love how small the world really is.

Jamie said...

I am so glad you found me!! Now I am trying to figure out who the aunt and uncle are. Andy and I went through a list of names, but I might just have to ask his parents so they can start asking around. It was so fun to chat!! And to answer Kathryn, No, we are not related to Ted & Florence Jacobsen. My husband's father is from Burbank, CA and only had 1 brother. He isn't related to too many Jacobsen's.