Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miracles, disappointments, birthdays, and surprises

First off, I just wanted to thank everybody for your support with my mother in law.  But the first topic of the title actually has to do with her.  She saw her oncologist for the 'mass' in her mouth that we all thought was cancer again.  Well, it isn't.  We all understood that the 'best case' scenerio would be malt cancer. Needless to say, we never thought that it could NOT be cancer.  Miracles happen and apparently  it is not this malt cancer.  They think it is just some kind of infection.  Tears of joy and relief were shed by many.  And now, as far as I understand, they will just watch and see what happens.  

Second, I saw the ENT on the 14th. I left with a nasal steroid and 'come back in a month'.  As far as that goes, I WILL be making an appointment for a second opinion.  After the appointment, I was replaying everything that he said and one thing stuck in my mind, and it wasn't good.  I was telling the dr. Spencer's medical history.  As I was explaining to the doctor, he made this comment, "Well even if a child had a cold and took a cat scan, it would show up as cronic sinititus.  Do you know that kids have 7-8 colds a year?"  Of course, it didn't hit me as to what he was implying until I was in my car going home.  You mean to tell me this doctor thinks that I was in his office because my son has had colds?!?!?!?!  Both he and I are complete fools, if he believes that.  I am giving him the nasal steroids and it really does seem to help, thankfully.  But I am pissed to think that this doctor thinks Spencer just has colds.  I will have to do what I have done in the past, video tape his coughing attacks.  And then prove to the doctor that I am not full of crap.  
There is another reason why I was disappointed, NO EXPLANATIONS.  He didn't tell me in detail what cronic sinititus even is, no diagrams of where his adeniods are, or how it affects your sinuses.  The dr. did mention that on a scale of 1-4, Spencer's tonsils are at a 3.  That explains his snoring at night (sometimes stop breathing) and we might consider taking those out, but it is hard to say since he has never had strep throat.  And his adenoids might be taken out.  My frustration, once again, is that I was expecting another Dr. Shimamoto.  Where everything is explained to me in lame man's terms, where he would draw pictures how the whole sinuses work, how he would tell me what he was writing down.  No such luck.  Dr. Kelly does not equal Dr. Shimamoto.  Boo hoo.

Third of all, on a happy note, Spencer had a great birthday party.  This conversation happened HOURLY at my house, last week. "My boys?  My boys readee for my birfday partee?" asks Spencer. My reply, "No Spencer, your boys are not readee for your birfday partee."  "Mom? Now my boys readee for my birfday pardee?" "Nope not yet Spence, in 4 sleeps they will be ready."  I love the fact that he went from saying, 'my friends' to 'my boys'.  You can imagine how excited he was that it actually came.  Football cake and all.  The funny thing is that the boys were very calm.  No high pitched screaming, no fighting over who is Gabriella, no jumping up and down in dress up shoes.  Just boys playing basketball and other games.  Good times.  Good times.

And finally, I had play group at my house this week.  I got into one of those moods where I wanted to make phone calls and appointments for everybody: dental, eye exams, health insurance questions, etc.  The boys were playing really well in Spencer's bedroom, or so I thought.  When parents came to get the boys, this is what we saw.

Brooke grabbed her son and ran, he was actually dry.  Cami quietly went out the door with her kind of wet son.  But I started laughing and grabbed my camera.  Sorry Cindi and especially Christa, who was literally leaving to go to NYC for work, your boys weren't so lucky.  I bet seeing her son completely soaked and having to put on new clothes was not in her schedule. The thing that I don't understand is how could I have not heard the water running.  Boy, those boys are sneeky.  Oh well, they had fun and it was really easy to clean up. Good times.  Very good times. (Mental note: buy more kid's shampoo.)


Marcia said...
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mbishopp said...

What no way, you kids know how to get their own bath going?! I guess that is a good thing and a bad thing...
I guess next time let your son plan his own birthday party. Maybe all you need is bubbles and a bath for him to have fun with friends. :)

Christa said...

those little stinkers! I cannot believe they filled the tub all the way! Who knew 3 year olds could get into so much trouble! I am so sorry you had to clean up such a mess!

Erica said...

That is too funny. You gotta love 3 year olds! I love all of the bubbles, I'm sure you had a major mess on your hands.

I'm so happy to hear about your Mother in Law. That is some great news! :)

Jen said...

1)I am so happy for you guys and your mother-in-law. That is huge!

2)Push the ENT or get a second opinion. Long story, but I got a second opinon with Emilie and Ada and she was great. I had to push a bit to get their tonsils and adenoids out, but she listened. When I told her that it sounded like they stopped breathing she really listened to me about it. They snored so loud and it would wake them up. They sleep so much better now I can't even tell you. They never had strep either.

3)Happy Birthday Spencer!

Kathryn said...

SO happy to hear about Mike's mom - let him know we were praying for you guys.

I cannot believe Spenc is three. I miss him.

My nephew had his tonsils & adnoids taken out and his health improved tremendously - sleeping better at night as well as happier during the day.

Don't take any crap, 'da boss!