Thursday, May 19, 2011


It is very fitting that I publish this post today. The sun is broken up here in Utah! We had snow on the ground on Tuesday and it was MAY 17!!!!!!! Seriously! I have never had a winter and now spring so gray and rainy! In fact, Utah is worried about flooding. So.....looking back to sunnier, warmer, and happier days.......THE CRUISE!!!!
We had so much fun on this Kelly family reunion! It was wonderful! Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo again! Beach, dolphins, and shopping! In that order! Food-food and more food! And you can not forget the Hot Molten Lava Chocolate Cake EVERY NIGHT!!!!! Can we go back? There really was not a down point on the cruise. I even got to have a scalp treatment, back massage and facial. (Ladies wait to do this the last day at sea, the prices are totally discounted! all 3 services for $79)
THANK YOU PAT AND CHLOE ANN!!!!! It was A BLAST!!! (And thank you Mom for watching Parker in AZ)

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