Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it really 2011?!

I love, love, love these pictures!!!! I thought it was time to take another set of family pictures and I am so happy we did!!!! Our friend, Lindsay Goeckeritz has a studio and she did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! We gave our grandparents a little magnetic booklet of pix and MY DAD called and thanked me for the booklet! That really meant alot to me for my dad to call and tell me he loved the booklet!

So what has happened the last couple of months, well, I am sure everybody was just as busy during the holidays as we were. We had our annual Neighborhood Christmas party at our house and had 92 people there! No kids, of course, so it was a ton of fun! My favorite was when Spencer asked Santa for $1 billion and a REAL jet pack!!! Santa is smart and gave him play money! Christmas was wonderful and stressful and enjoyable and crazy! I realized I was done with crowds, Costco, malls, people, shopping, and spending money when I flipped someone off in Provo! Stupid college people that think they own the streets of Provo! I do have to admit that it is pretty sad when the cashier at Bath and Body Works tells me that I should go home! He could even tell I had had it!

As far as resolutions go, the only one I ever kept was in 1997 when I made a resolution to not get engaged! That is a story in a story but I just broke off an engagement and I was done with dating! So I never put any thought in resolutions but here are some things that I am looking forward to in 2011:

Birthdays: not mine of course, but I love birthdays! Spencer turns 5 tomorrow!
Traveling: Cruise in April, Aspen Grove in June, Hawaii in June and who knows what else!
Triathlon: My sis in law talked me into doing the Women of Steel Tri in May! I am excited!!!
IPod: I got an Ipod touch from Mike for Christmas and I love it! I am now cool! I know how to download songs from itunes!

I just love the excitement of a new year!


Holly said...

I can see why you love those pictures! Your kids are beautiful! Sounds like you have a lot of fun travel plans....jealous!! Look forward to seeing you at GNO this month.

Danielle said...

Your kids are so cute and are getting so grown up. I too am jealous of your travel plans - not fair! :)

Anne said...

Angie: So I jumped over to check out what is going on in your life. Your baby is beautiful and it looks like you are loving Utah (snow and all). Your kids are getting so big. Thanks for not being private and letting me sneak a peek.