Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I love it when babies start to coo and smile. And that is the stage that Parker is at! And the whole family is enjoying making him smile! We had his 2 mo. old check up and he is growing! 12 lbs. even, 23 1/2 inches. But I do think "Buppie" will be out of sorts the next couple of days from his shots.

We had Parker's blessing on Sunday at our house. Due to the fact of it being Stake Conference. My mom and sister were in town for Women's Conference and so my dad was the only one who had to fly in for it. It was very nice but to be honest, I don't know if I really liked doing the blessing at home. Right after the amen was said it was like, 'OK fire up the grill, and lets eat!" I kind of like having it at church so that the sweet feeling lasts longer. But it was worth it since I had my family in town.

We also celebrated May birthdays! Grandma Kelly's, Jayne's and Uncle Matt's. I don't know what is going on but I am a rockstar this year with birthday gifts. Not to toot my own horn but they have been creative and enjoyable but yet needed and practical. Or atleast that is how I feel when I give them away! You know what I mean....not like the generic candle for your ma-in-law, but nothing homemade where you know they are going to go home and throw it away. Hopefully they liked their gifts as much as I liked giving them.


Kathryn said...

Darling baby! I can understand what you mean about the party afterwards. But glad you were able to have so many there to be included.

Love the big fat "Y" on the cake. Give your kids kisses for me.

Andrea said...

Wow! I just read your delivery post! That is amazing! Parker is so darling. What a blessing. Your whole family looks great. I wish I got to see more of all of you. Love you!