Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodbye Tonsils and Adenoids!

On Monday, Spencer had the wonderful priviledge (note sarcasm) of getting his tonsils and adenoids out. We felt like it would be a good idea since on a healthy day his tonsils were a size 3+( out of 4) and his adenoids had a 50% blockage. Nevermind all of the snoring, sleep apnea, coughing attacks during the winter, sinus infections, and strep throat. So Monday was the day! And he was such a trooper! He was wonderful!!!!!

The only thing that was a bit nerve-racking was when the surgery was scheduled for 1:00 pm and the ENT Dr. hadn't shown up yet. At 1:15 pm, both Mike and I were aware that Spencer's patience was closing, QUICKLY!!! Can you blame him if the only thing he had for breakfast was jello and apple juice and then he had to stop eating that at 10:30 am???? Needless to say, he was hungry and he was going to let everyone know in about 2 minutes. But then the Dr came and he was gone at the nick of time.

(Spencer is dressed and ready to go.)

(Uncle Chris, Cosmo the dog, dad, and the star of the day!)
(sidenote: Uncle Chris is Mike's oldest brother from Michigan who is a Plastic Surgeon. He was there for moral support and it was very comforting having someone know all of the 'lingo' and the right questions that we didn't even think to ask. Thanks Chris!)

(Saying goodbye! EVERYONE at the hospital were so awesome and nice to Spencer! They even let him take Cosmo with him to the OR.)

After the surgery, which lasted 20 minutes, they let one of us go to the PACU room, which is before the recovery room. I said to MIke, "I pushed him out, I get to see him." But down the hall, I could hear him crying for daddy. So I came in and there were 3 nurses with him and he was upset. I asked him if he wanted mommy or daddy. Of course, he said daddy and so I gave him a kiss on the forhead and turned around and got Mike from the waiting room. I couldn't even tell you what the PACU room looked like, I was in and out so quickly. After 10 minutes, they were transfered to the recovery room and that is when Uncle Chris and I were able to see him.

And this is what Chris and I saw:
Apparently, after Spencer saw Mike, he immediately calmed down and fell asleep. After that, he was a gem! Wanted apple juice, Sprite, and to watch TV. And he got it all!

(His ride to the car. Loving the attention!)


Jen said...

I feel for ya! Emilie and Ada had theirs out the same day and I was pregnant with Sarah. It was quite an experience, but soooooooooo worth it. They wouldn't take the Tylenol with codine, only reg. Tylenol. They were crazy! But, they sleep so much better and have eaten so much better since. Glad all went well and that it was worth it for you too! Hopefully he is not so stubborn and will take the Tylenol with codine!

Jamie said...

So glad things went well. We did that with both Aidan and Megan and it has made a huge difference. Aidan has only gone to the doctor since for a wart and a sinus infection. He got his out in kindergarten and he is now in 2nd grade. Before that it was strep throat upon strep throat upon strep throat. Meg was 20 months and sounds so much like how Spencer was. She stays fairly healthy now. Hope you are feeling good!!

Tara said...

Oh my! What an adventure. I hope this solves all his problems!

Kathryn said...

I cannot believe how BIG he has gotten! My nephew had that same surgery & it made all the diffrence in the world for him.

I love the line you used on Mike. Sorry Spenc didn't want you - how nice for when little bro. arrives?