Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Croup, shingles, and weeds

What do these three things have in common?  They are living at the Kelly household in one way or another.  We just got back at the dr.s office for Addie because she has croup.  Yesterday we were at the dr office for Addie because she had an ear infection and sore throat.  Last week we were in the dr office for Jayne for stomach issues that prevacid is helping.  So my kids have seen the dr 3 times in less than 5 days.  (don't get me started on the temper tantrum that Spencer had yesterday at the dr. office...all I am going to say is that the front office, drs and nurses all stopped what they were doing to watch spencer freak out since he wanted the whole basket of stickers)  That doesn't include my two dr visits last week.  I went in the beginning of the week with my kidneys hurting.  The dr said that I had a back spasm.  Whatever.  I didn't get better and so I made a second appointment 4 days later and as I was getting dressed, noticed all of these bumps right where it was hurting me internally.  I started freaking out thinking whatever has been bugging my 'insides' is now eating away my skin.  Dr. looks at it again and says, 'shingles'.  So now I am on pain meds and some massive blue pill that even a horse couldn't swallow.  
The good news is that I have realized I am an expert weed grower.  Anybody need any advice on how to grow weeds, give me a call!  All you need to do is look at them and they will grow.  Tulips...not growing.  Daffodills....not growing.  Perennials...still dead from winter.  Weeds....THRIVING AND BEAUTIFULLY GREEN!!!!!!!  All you need to do is spray weed killer and they will somehow still grow.  Pour a bunch of preen on the flower beds....and you still get weeds.  It is the best trick ever!  NO Hassle!  No worries!  Spent all last summer pulling weeds and whammo---they are back ready to challenge you in every way possible..  Even when there is snow on the ground, they will pop out and add color to your otherwise colorless ground.  Aren't they just wonderful!

I am doing what I do best....keepin it real!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day wishes

Addie brought this home the other day:

If you can't read it it says: "If I was granted a St. Patrick's Day wish, I would wish...... I would wish for pots of gold, and a baby sister and a baby brother and friends and toys to play with."

Let's just leave the twins to my sister, Heather.  I just love little kids imagination.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have you ever felt?

Have you ever felt that if somebody were watching you, they would be laughing hysterically at your poor attempt at something.  Anything?  Anyone?  I feel that way every time I have to snow-blow the drive way.  First of all, our house faces north so that the house blocks a lot of the sun to the drive way.  Second, our next door neighbors have a single story home so they really can have the sun melt a lot of the snow.  My neighbors across the street have south facing homes so that the snow melts 99% of the time without them even having to snow-blow.  Third, I am from AZ, how do you snow-blow properly?  Is there a specific pattern you need to follow so that you don't blow snow onto spots you have already cleaned?  In spite of my insecurities of snow-blowing....I do it anyway.  Easier for me to do it and hope that the rest will melt than wait for Mike to come home when the snow is ice anyway.  I just wanted to to tell you guys that my feelings were confirmed today.  I was out there snow-blowing away when the street guys came to snow-plow the street.  I looked up and the men were totally laughing, waving at me.  All I could do was smile and wave back.  Why were they laughing?  Was it because my 'pattern' is wrong?  Was it because the wind was blowing the snow back in my face?  Was it because I am an idiot and they could tell?  Was it because if I waited just a couple of hours, the snow would melt anyway so that I am completely wasting my time?  But I have tried that....NOT snow-blowing and then sure enough, the snow becomes ice and I have to shovel the ice to get it off.  Not my idea of fun.  So I hope my neighbors and anyone else who drives by, enjoys a good laugh.  I will be out there next time because I am so nervous about snow becoming ice, someone slipping, hurting themselves, and then suing us.  So just enjoy the laugh.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I think I'm ok now!

Booooo!!! Hisss!!!!!!  What in the crap?!?!  Please tell me that I am not the only one who wasted the last 6 weeks every Monday nite watching the Bachelor?  But just like the title, I do think I am OK now.  I just can't believe that he actually dumped Melissa on tv.  My major beef with that is that only 1 Bachelor/Bachelorette has worked out, none of the others have dumped their fiances on air, so why would Jason?!  I will tell you....RATINGS!!!  Stupid ABC!!! or if you actually think about it, ABC is extremely smart....I know I am not the only one who has talked for hours about the whole ending.   
Here is what it comes down to: ABC editing.  We really don't know what was happening.  Molly could have been the sweetheart from the beginning but ABC wanted to change things up so they made Melissa look like the best one for Jason.  And don't even bring up the whole 'producer coaching' stuff.  My major question is what was Molly talking about after the second 'after the rose ceremony' when she said that her character has been questioned the last couple of weeks?  We only found out the night before that Jason dumped Melissa for Molly.  How could her character be in question for weeks?  
All I know is that Jillian/ABC better be smarter.....I am really hesitant watching it anymore.