Monday, March 9, 2009

I think I'm ok now!

Booooo!!! Hisss!!!!!!  What in the crap?!?!  Please tell me that I am not the only one who wasted the last 6 weeks every Monday nite watching the Bachelor?  But just like the title, I do think I am OK now.  I just can't believe that he actually dumped Melissa on tv.  My major beef with that is that only 1 Bachelor/Bachelorette has worked out, none of the others have dumped their fiances on air, so why would Jason?!  I will tell you....RATINGS!!!  Stupid ABC!!! or if you actually think about it, ABC is extremely smart....I know I am not the only one who has talked for hours about the whole ending.   
Here is what it comes down to: ABC editing.  We really don't know what was happening.  Molly could have been the sweetheart from the beginning but ABC wanted to change things up so they made Melissa look like the best one for Jason.  And don't even bring up the whole 'producer coaching' stuff.  My major question is what was Molly talking about after the second 'after the rose ceremony' when she said that her character has been questioned the last couple of weeks?  We only found out the night before that Jason dumped Melissa for Molly.  How could her character be in question for weeks?  
All I know is that Jillian/ABC better be smarter.....I am really hesitant watching it anymore.


Kathryn said...

Ang, you have me laughing. I don't watch the show, but as a woman, I can feel your frustration. I completely agree with everything you just said. Tee hee. Women. We are funny creatures.

KacieFlake said...

NO KIDDING. This was actually the first time I had ever watched it and that sure didn't convince me to become a frequent watcher. I was seriously mad at Jason.

Erica said...

Seriously....I was so mad!!! Who does he think he is? I felt so bad for Melissa. Who does that to someone on national television? Such a jerk. It's crazy how into it we get. I 'm looking forward to Wednesday night :)