Friday, October 23, 2009

Eight is GREAT!

I can not believe it but Adelaide Joy is now eight! I can not believe it was 8 years ago that I seriously quit going to BYU a million times because I couldn't handle the pressure of my Economics midterms and having a baby that would projectile vomit after every feeding. But how she has changed my life for the better!
It is hard to put my feelings into words. (where are you Kathryn when I need you to write something sweet and sentimental?!) But I will try to express my love for this beautiful girl!

She has been so good from day one! All I would have to do is say her name in a scolding way and she would stop in her tracks and come back to me. She wants to be good. Literally, has a desire to do the right thing. She is always happy and well mannered. She is obedient. She loves to help others. And she wants to make others happy, even if that means she doesn't get what she wants. She is my song bird. She is constantly singing and actually has a good voice. She has guts to sing a solo at her great-grandma's funeral when she was only 5 1/2! And she did a great job, always in tune. But that is how she has lived her first 8 years. Always in tune with the right things: church, family, school, activities, friends. I am amazed at how much she teaches me. I will catch her praying in her closet, after I have had a serious mommy temper tantrum, asking forgiveness for making me so upset. She loves to learn, both secularly and spiritually. As long as there is singing involved, church could last 8 hours for all she cares, she loves it. She wants to do what is right. She has definitely lived up to her name: JOY! She is just a joy to be around. And she wants others to be joyful as well.

I am excited to see what the next 8 years will entail. Hopefully I will be able to be worthy of such a wonderful daughter because I know she is wonderful inspite of all of my imperfections as a mother.


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Kathryn said...

Okay, so we're just planning on Wyatt marrying her, right? The story of her praying in the closet made me choke up - what a special little spirit, seriously.

PS. Jayne's picture in the background was awesome. LOVE your kids.