Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 years!

Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary!!!!  Yep, Mike has had to deal with all of my issues for 10 years now.  I can't believe the time has flown by.  We had a great day yesterday.  It started Thursday night when he gave me 10 coupons for car washes.  LOVED THAT!!!!  And then I woke up on Friday to 10 tulips and cards with each one.  He has been doing this every year.  Can you imagine what my house will look like in 30 years with 40 tulips in a vase?!?!?!  I can't wait!!!!! Then we went out to eat at Tuscany.  Good food.  Great company.  Great presents.  Mike gave me 10 new pieces of jewelry.  They are beautiful!  I truly was spoiled yesterday!

But this post is for my Mikey.  You can read it if you want to....I won't get dirty.  But just to let him know my feelings.  I don't express my happy feelings very often.  (But if I am frustrated he hears it.)  So here are some reasons why I love Mike!

1. He is the best father!  I love how he comes home and just plays with the kids.  I am nothing when daddy is around.  And I love that!
2. He honors his Priesthood. He hasn't missed a day of reading his scriptures since he has been home off of his mission.  (I have missed 3 days just this week!)  That amazes me.
3. He is a helper.  He will help anyone, anywhere, anytime.  You call, he is there.  And he can work magic at home as well.  Whole house cleaned in 2 hours!
4.  He makes me laugh.  Especially when I don't want to because I am trying to be mad.  I hate/love that!
5.  He loves to socialize.  Party?  Anyone.  Anywhere.  ANYTIME.  He always has something going.
6.  He helps raise our kids.  I remember the first diaper he ever changed and how he had to have a towel completely wrapped around his face.  And he was gagging.  Those days are long gone.  He can change a diaper in 5 seconds flat.
7. I love his passion for sports.  My favorite dates last year were going to the byu football games.  I will be sad that we don't have season tickets this year.  (Recession and all!)
8.  He will go to see a chick flick movie with me.  
9.  I love his laugh.  And his dimples.  Those bad boys have saved him so many times.
10.  He will watch the Bachelor with me and be just as excited as I am.
11. He won't watch Dancing with the Stars with me.  That is how I know he still has his manhood.  That would scare me a little.
12. He tells the girls 'Silly Sally Princess' which I found out last nite and made me cry.  My dad used to tell us make believe stories as well (George, Fred, Herbie stories)
13.  We can talk out our issues.  And then he fixes them.  J/K.  It is me who usually needs the fixing.
14.  He thinks Honda Odysseys are cool! And they are.
15.  He laughed when I told him I wanted to train for a triathalon and then told me what it exactly entails.  Why would anybody want to do that?!
16.  He is a good tipper.
17.  He freaks out about money.  My motto: when you don't have any, what is there to freak out about?  Ha ha ha
18.  He likes to play cards with his mom and dad.
19. He constantly wants his back scratched and now Spencer is onto the goodness.
20.  He listens to the Spirit.  Thanks for checking up on Addie at school.  Sorry the whole house was locked.
21.  He doesn't question my parenting skills.  Or lack there of.
22. He is tender hearted.
23. He married me in the Mesa temple and ripped Parley P. Pratt's temple robe, twice.  Shhh. Don't tell my family.
24. He wants to participate in the Nauvoo pageant as badly as I do.  (There is sarcasm to that.  I would love it...he would hate it but would do it for me)
25.  He thinks I am crazy because I love This is the Place park a little too much.
26.  he loves me for me.  Not how I look, how skinny (or not) I am, or what I am wearing.  he loves ME!
27.  He will hold my hair and rub my forehead as I am puking 7+ times a day being pregnant.  Then he will clean the floor since I was puking so hard, I peed my pants.  Are we really ready for that again?!


KacieFlake said...

Congratulations on ten years! You were really puking and peeing your pants at the same time? way to multi-task. It sure sounds like I got lucky with this pregnancy!

Josh, Dagmar, Sofia, Lilian and Jasper Jewkes said...

What sweet things about Mike, wonderful to read you are all doing well. Are you ready to do all that again? You've got a beautiful family! Miss you guys!
Love, Dagmar

Amy G. said...

that was super sweet! you guys are a great couple!!

Kathryn said...

Don't forget - he makes good on his bet's, even if it means wearing a Borat swim-suit on your vacation. Can I list the resons why we wish you would move back to AZ?

Josh, Dagmar, Sofia, Lilian and Jasper Jewkes said...

thanks for being so sweet to comment on all my lame posts! We miss you too. We are coming to Utah the week of 7/20 and would love to see you guys. I also have another really good friend in Draper (the Cantareros)maybe you know them. Anyway, it would be great to see you all again. It is so wonderful to see how happy you are! Lots of love from the Jewkes

mbishopp said...

so sweeet. what a guy!

shawni said...

CONGRATS you guys! I'm so glad you found each other.