Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow!!!!!!

I love this time of year!!!!!!  I have been dreaming of a white Christmas and now I actually have one again!  (Hopefully the snow will stay.)  Don't get me wrong, in February I will be ready to pull out those capris and put away all of the snow boots.  That most likely won't happen in Utah, I swear it was still snowing in April!  But what can I can take the girl out of Arizona but you can't take Arizona out of the girl!  I still love my spring!

I can't remember when the last time I had made a snow angel, or a snowman for that matter.  So I followed Jayne and made a pretty good snow angel.  It was so fun to be a kid again!

This specific storm happened Saturday night and since we didn't have to be at church until the afternoon, I thought this was a great family activity.  Especially since Mike didn't have to work and all of his church meetings were over.  WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!

You can just see the excitement of the kid's faces.  Addie was so excited she even helped dad use the snow blower.


coccifamily said...

I love all four seasons! I love the snow this time of year. Looks like a good time at your house, but is that really an appropriate Sunday activity??? (ha ha) I am glad Mike was home to enjoy some time with the family.

Rebecca said...

Well hello there, Angie! Your kids just keep getting cuter. How are you? By any chance are you on facebook?