Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet Parker William!!!!!

Parker William Kelly
Born: March 2, 2010
4:02 pm
8 lbs. 4 oz.
21 inches
Our miracle baby! To say that everything went great with the delivery, would be a lie but I know there are worse horror stories out there and we have all heard of some. But I am writing this as my journal and not to get sympathy or to be dramatic. So here is the timeline of Parker's entrance into the world.

Monday night: Mike gives me a blessing and tells me that "I will know what is going on with my body and I will be able to express my feelings to the doctors and nurses....And the doctors and nurses will be able to perform to their ability and knowledge."

7:30 am: got called to go to the hospital at 9:00 am to be induced.
8:00 am: Accidentally took Jayne's ADHD medicine instead of my prenatal pill.
8:10 am: chugged a ton of water so I could throw up Jayne's meds, but to no avail!
10:00 am: got hooked up to the pitocin, with an increase of dosage every 30 minutes. Got checked and I was dilated 1 cm, and only 50% effaced, and Parker hadn't dropped so he is really high up. Nurse comments that I hope I have a baby today and that I am not sent home.
12:00 ish: Dr. Terry breaks my water with the nurse literally pushing down on my stomach so that he could reach. That gives you an idea of how high up Parker was. But at least I know I am having a baby and I am not going home. Still dialated at 1 cm.
2:00 pm. Talk of epidural comes up. My mom tells the nurse I will be ready at 3:30pm (so that I can feel what natural labor is like since she had 5 natural births). But I am to the point where I can't breath, can't even open my eyes, can't talk, and contractions are only a couple minutes apart. My mom goes to lunch, I tell the nurse, when the dr. is out of surgery, I am ready for the epidural. (love ya mom, but I had enough and I am not a pioneer!!!)

2:30 pm: Nurse checks me and I am still dialated 1 cm. I AM REALLY MAD! REALLY MAD!!!!! Who is hooked up to pitocin for 4 1/2 hours and doesn't even dialate!!!!!!!! And I am ready for an epidural!?!?!? Am I the biggest wimp out there?! But I know I have reached my limit and I want an epidural NOW!!!! Went to the bathroom before getting the epidural and I noticed blood on the bed. I go to the bathroom and passed a huge blood clot. (it was massive...I literally felt it come out in a fist size ball!) Tell the nurse and she says it is not normal but it probably has something to do with the fact that the baby was so high up. Then the anestesiologist comes in and hooks me up to the epidural. Life is better now.

3:20 pm: The nurse notices that the baby is starting to go into stress and so I am put on oxygen. I am finally dialated to 4 cm. And the nurse reminds me to tell her when I feel pressure 'down there'. But for now, just try to get some rest.

3:40 pm. Nurse comes in again and wants to check me. Baby's heart rate is really going down with every contraction and she says if I have more of these, then it will be c-section time. I tell her I am starting to feel pressure down there and she checks me and says that I am dialated to 8 cm. and we are ready to go. While she is texting Dr. Terry, he walks in the door to see how I am doing. He says, OK let's have a baby. I start feeling 'out of it' right now. The nurse tells me important information about pushing and I remember thinking, "I know she is telling me something but I don't know what she is saying."

3:50 pm: He checks me and I am fully dialated and ready to push. Then Dr. Terry tells me the same instructions that the nurse told me and I realize what I am supposed to do. Phew. The Resident doctor sits down in 'catching' position and Dr. Terry talks him through what is going to happen. I feel a contraction coming and so I am told to push. Parker's head comes out and Dr. Terry notices that the cord is around his neck. He tells the resident dr. to cut the cord and then Dr. Terry pushes the resident dr. out of the way and takes control when he finds out that the cord is around Parker's neck not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, the cord was around his neck 3 times! My mom catches on to this whole thing since I am really out of it now.

4:02 pm: Dr. Terry tells me to push again and I just lay there. He says, 'Push' and I reply, "you mean me?" (That shows you how out of it I really am). I push through the second contraction and he is out! Yes, that is right. I pushed through 1 1/2 contractions and then Parker was out!!! And good thing too. Because I passed another blood clot right before Parker came out. And so he swallowed a lot of blood. I remember saying, "Is he ok?! He isn't crying! Is he ok?" The pediatric nurse takes Parker and has to clean out his stomach because of the high amount of blood that he swallowed. The nurses all tell me that he is fine he is just quietly taking in his surroundings. Then the doctor continues to work on me and I find out that there is a lot of blood and that my placenta has gone to shreds. So he has to pull my placenta off of my uterus, in pieces. I think the eye opening experience was when Dr. Terry told us how happy he was that Parker came out so quickly. You could tell that he was extremely serious and happy taht I didn't have to have a c-section right then and there. And the other eye opener was when my mom asked Dr. Terry what the record for times the cord is around a baby's neck and he replied, "tres. Tres times." So I don't know if Parker was the record or tied the record but atleast he is healthy and ok. And the fact that Dr. Terry and the nurses were calling him the miracle baby is in itself both alarming and humbling at the same time.

But both Parker and I are healthy and strong and feeling great. I am so enjoying this baby of ours and I can't put him down. I am totally eating him up. Welcome to the world Parker!