Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This sucks!

So apparently I was a lot sicker than I thought. My worst day was actually on my birthday at the end of August. I couldn't stop throwing up. It seemed like my zofran just stopped working that week. So I had to swallow my pride, call the dr, and say it is time for me to be on an IV. And I called the RS President and said we need meals. So my birthday present came a day later and I was hooked up to the homecare IV.

And I guess it was alot worse than I thought. The nurse said that I was so dehydrated that my heart rate was slow and blood pressure low. (didn't know that could really happen) My mother in law said that I would just stare at the wall and not respond to anything. I remember just being sleepy. (ps I owe Chloe Ann a million dollars for coming over, spending the nights when Mike was out of town, cleaning, doing laundry and putting up with my out of control kids. And yes....they have been completely out of control, somehow they knew they could get away with everything since I was hooked up and couldn't chase them around the house)

So it's almost a month later and the nurses called me today to tell me that I am going to have my 'file' closed. Which means I am ok.HOORAY!!!!!! I had a melt down on Saturday because I did too much on Friday and was throwing up again. During heaves, I am bawling, telling Mike "I don't want to be put of the IV again! The nurses said if I threw up again, they would hook me up!!!" Saturday was not a good day.

So this is the purpose of my post: In 3 years from now when I think, "wouldn't it be nice to have a cute little baby" this will remind me. I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IVs, NEEDLES, FLUSHING IVs, CATHETERS IN MY ARM, AND PUKING!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!!!! (the rest of my kids can go to that lady on TLC who is pregnant with her 20th kid)

(The 'lemonade' which Spencer calls it is actually vitamins in the IV bag, not urine. It had the worst after-taste. That alone made me sick.)