Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things my kids have said this week!

I have heard a lot of people writing down the funny things their kids say.  Well, here is my 'journal' moments I have had this week.

We are at the mall getting on the elevator.  Another quite wholesome-looking family was in the elevator with us.  And then the elevator started to move and Spencer yells, "Mommy, I love this tickles my pee pee!!!"  
What do you say when Molly Mormon is standing next to you in the elevator?  I just giggled and said, "Spencer, please don't yell."

We were having one of those wonderful, relaxing Sunday mornings.  A lot of times the family turns into a bunch of tickle monsters.  So as Jayne was being the tickle monster, she says, "Mom, don't worry.  I promise I won't tickle you anymore.  I promise!!! I am just going to put my fingers on your feet and wiggle my fingers."  Which she then continued to tickle me!

Addie is in that wonderful stage of life where she thinks I don't know anything.  Like I have never gone to elementary school.  So she comes up to me and says, "Mom?!  Can I please give you an Indian burn?"  I started laughing and said, "NO!  I know what an Indian Burn is and you can't give ANYONE in the family one!"  Then she replies, "Mom, I know how to make you say 'how'."  And I totally fell for it and replied, " How???"  She started giggling.  And then I realized what just happened.  "Sucker!!!" was what I told myself.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Moon

If you have not seen the New Moon trailer yet....boy have you been missing out. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! It looks awesome!  
I just hope this new director puts Edward in more 'classic' of clothes. I thought he kind of looked like a slob in Twilight.  
Like Edward was wearing Rob Pattinsons' clothes. I always thought Edward was a classic, sharp dresser.  
Kind of like Matt Lauer. So we will see in the movie, huh!

I have seen this video a million times and I can't wait for November 20!!!!!!!!!

(I must be really stupid because I can't dowload the video.  
Just go to to see it.)